LAMPE Quality - for Sewer Rehabilitation, Wastewater Treatment, Rescue Operations

Does your company carry out sewer rehabilitation or pressurization tests on pipelines or sewer lines using sewer sealing cushions, sealing cushions or pipe plugs?

Are you looking for optimum shut-off technology to securely close off wastewater and stormwater outlet sewers, e.g. in the event of hazardous liquid accidents or to accumulate water for use in fire fighting?

Do you need to lift and move heavy objects quickly and efficiently, e.g. at the scene of an accident?

If your answer to any of the above questions is "yes", there is a reliable supplier you can turn to: LAMPE GmbH,

  • offering a wide-ranging portfolio of pipeline and sewer technologies including LAMPE sewer sealing cushions – proven industry-wide for decades – as well as pipe plugs, mini pipe plugs, sewer shut-off systems and a wide range of other products,

  • and offering LAMPE LIFTERS, lifting cushions recognized as indispensable tools in rescue operations and emergency medical transport since the 1970's. They are used wherever heavy, yet deformation-sensitive objects (e.g. emergency-landed aircraft) need to be lifted.

Providing users 100 % "Made in Germany" quality and reliability backed up with an ISO 9001-certified QM system, LAMPE sewer sealing cushions, pipe plugs, sewer shut-off systems and lifting cushions have earned an outstanding reputation in the industry. You can depend on them in routine use as well as emergencies of all kinds.

Our Most Popular Products - at a Glance

LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions – the Better Sewer Rehab Solution

LAMPE sewer sealing cushions are far more versatile than conventional pipe plugs. Our durable, lightweight sealing cushions are available in a wide variety of sizes, each covering a broader range of pipe diameters than most pipe plugs. LAMPE cushions seal off even non-symmetrical pipe cross sections and do not require time-consuming and costly bracing in the sewer line, therefore offering additional advantages over pipe plugs. Taking these benefits into account, our sewer sealing cushions are often more economical than pipe plugs.

LAMPE Bypass Sewer Sealing Cushions – The 2000 Series

The 2000 series is a range of specially engineered sealing cushions incorporating a standard sewer-grade pipe in the centre. The bypass pipe allows flow to be directed through the jobsite without the need for pumps, to create a safe, dry working environment.

Mini Pipe Plugs

Conventional pipe plugs, simple in design, made from high-quality specialty elastomers

Sewer Shut-Off Systems - Protecting Lives and the Environment

Industrial manufacturers are required by law to take precautions against accidents involving hazardous liquids, including measures to prevent their propagation into municipal wastewater and stormwater sewer systems. The LAMPE KAS sewer shut-off system, a sewer wall-mounted sealing cushion (pipe plug) which does not restrict flow when not in use, can be pneumatically actuated in a matter of seconds – either to securely close down the sewer line  in an emergency for pollution containment, or simply to hold back fire-fighting water. The LAMPE KAS system offers a fast-acting alternative to conventional sealing cushions or pipe plugs in potentially hazardous applications – applications where every second counts

LAMPE Lifting Cushions Lift Heavy Objects and Save Lives

As well as sewer sealing cushions, pipe plugs and sealing cushions, LAMPE also produces state-of-the-art lifting cushions. Making quite a splash when introduced in 1973, LAMPE's in-house developed, rectangular inflatable flat lifters were the first of their kind worldwide. Over the past 40 years, we have continued to develop and increase our range of LAMPE LIFTERS to solve all kinds of lifting problems. Their lightweight construction and quick-response installation capabilities are decisive advantages for rescue situations on rough terrain or in remote areas. LAMPE LIFTERS provide gentle, damage-free lifting, making them ideally suited for the transportation of heavy, damage-sensitive objects.

Gully Sealing Plates, Leak Sealing Cushions and Other Products

Sometimes road gullies (storm drains) must be immediately closed off with a watertight seal. For instance: in the event of accidents involving hazardous liquid spillage which can run off into sewer systems and onward into rivers, lakes etc. With LAMPE gully sealing plates, you can quickly seal off gullies and contain the pollution before it reaches the sewer system. LAMPE gully sealing plates are very cost effective and are also easy to install and lock in place on the gully. And our rehab packers can then be used for quick and efficient repair of the line damage causing the problem.

LAMPE GmbH – Let us introduce ourselves.

LAMPE GmbH is an owner-operated enterprise located in Stadtoldendorf in the Weser Hills region in the heart of Germany. Founded in 1946, LAMPE GmbH will soon be able to lay claim to 7 decades of experience in the sectors of environmental protection, sewer technology, sewer rehabilitation, wastewater technology as well as rescue operations and emergency medical transport. Looking to ensure your – i.e. our esteemed customers' – satisfaction over the next 70 years, we will continue to do our utmost to constantly develop and refine our products to make them even safer and even easier to use. And of course we continue to monitor and improve the cost effectiveness of our sewer sealing cushions, pipe plugs, lifting cushions  and all other products offered. Would you like further information? Please don't hesitate to contact us!