LAMPE Joint Seal Testing Cushions: the unique joint testing devices

for large pipes and special profiles from 800 to 2.600mm

The pressure testing of pipe connections in the joint seal realm has become a very important role in pipeline construction. Especially for new laid and factory proofed pipes the test of the single joint seals is an easy alternative and addition to the pressure test of the pipe complete from manhole to manhole.

The pressure testing of the single joint seals allows an easy localization of a leaking joint seal.

Until now, a joint seal test, especially in large pipes and special profiles, has always been a big challenge, because all known joint seal test devices are difficult to handle and very limited in their flexibility.

LAMPE Joint Seal Testing Cushions are the first pure pneumatic joint seal testing systems in the world for joint seal tests in large pipes >800mm.

The new LAMPE Joint Seal Testing Cushions offer some extensive and unique advantages and benefits over all conventional joint seal test devices:

  • LAMPE Joint Seal Testing Cushions are very easy and fast to handle. They are of very low weight and require no complicated assemblage. After they have been place and inflated, they are ready for use.
  • All Joint Seal Testing Cushions can be tightly folded and fit through a normal manhole.
  • LAMPE Joint Seal Testing Cushions can be used in different pipe-diameters.
  • All LAMPE Joint Seal Testing Cushions can be used in round profiles and special profiles, such as egg-shaped, kite-shaped or mouth-shaped profiles.
  • LAMPE Joint Seal Testing Cushions are very highly resistant against ageing. They are made of special CR-Material. We can prove a lifetime of this material of more than 35 years.
  • LAMPE Joint Seal Testing Cushions are repairable.
  • The special sealing allows that the two conic-cylindric cushion parts seal the inspection area 100% tight against air and gas.

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Lieferprogramm Muffenprüfkissen / Muffenprüfgeräte:

LAMPE Joint Seal Testing Cushions, workingpressure: 1 bar, 14,5 psi with integrated 1”Bypass and special sealing



71427Safety Fitting 1 bar,14.5 PSI
71521Filling Hose 2 m, 6.6 ft ½”
71523Filling Hose 5 m, 16.4 ft ½”
71524Filling Hose 7.5 m, 24.5 ft ½”
71525Filling Hose 10 m, 32.8 ft ½”
71540Filling Hose 40 m, 131.2 ft ½”
73412Adapter Piece Motor Vehicle Tyre Valve
73416Adapter Piece Double Plug Valve (Double nipple jack)
73424Adapter Piece Compressor Coupling
73446Adapter Piece D-Storz with 2 hose connections for filling and measuring the testing space
76712Digital pressure gauge 3150 new in case
71554Pre-Pressure Extension Hose 5 m, 16.4 ft
71555Pre-Pressure Extension Hose 40 m, 131,2 ft
71957Ejector for deflating
71961Airpump 1 bar, type 600
27483Compressed Air Cylinder 300 bar, 4350 PSI
71421Pressure reducer 200/300 bar,
71623Repairkit, new