We are very proud to present our brand new products:

- Mini Pipe Plugs
- Packers for pipeline rehabilitation
- Joint Seal Testing cushions

On the Ro-Ka-Tech 2011 in Kassel we exhibit, for the first time, the new sizes of the Eoconomy-series up to 300 and 600mm.

For the beginning of 2011 we have amplified the delivery-program of the Sewer Sealing Cushions with 2 new sizes.
The first one is the type 1-1200 (500 to 1.200mm). The other one is the type 1-3600 (2.200 to 3.600mm).

From Northamerica to Australia, from Japan to Southamerica: our international distribution-network allows customers all around the world to profit from the big advantages of our products.

Quite recently, in October 2010 the exhibition IFB took place in Bogotá, Columbia. Also our columbian distributor took part in this exhibition to demonstrate, among other things, also our products.