Significant Italian institute confirms high chemical resistance of our material

In September, 2009 the Italian Institute Giordano (Via Rossini 2, I-47814 Bellaria Igea Marina, Italy) performed a test on the wish of our Italian distributor Nuova ConTec, to prove, from official side, the high chemical-, oil- and petrol resistance of our special material which is used for the manufacturing of our Sewer Sealing Cushions, Sealing Systems KAS and our LAMPE-LIFTER Lifting-Cushions.

The results were, as expected, impressing!

Even after 1 week inside pure kerosine or inside diluted sulphuric acid, the glued material showed no kind of changes!

This, once more, proves, the high quality of the material, developed by us.

So now, we can not only prove the big lifetime of more than 30 years of our products, like Sewer Sealing Cushions, Sealing Systems and lifting-cushions, we can now also prove the high resistance of our products against chemicals, oil or gasoline!

A short cutout of the test-document

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