Sewer-sealing cushions & more from LAMPE GmbH

Aufreihung von Absperrblasen

Sewer Sealing Cushions

instead of conventional pipe plugs
For pipe shut offs & Leaking tests

  • No additional bracing required
  • Long lifetime
  • For all cross-sectional shapes
  • Repairable
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Low space requirements
  • Fitting through normal manholes
  • Chemical resistant


Quality - Made in Germany
  • Competent support & consulting
  • Fast response times
  • Economical solutions
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly products
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Patented products from our own in-house
  • Customized solutions
  • Repair & maintenance service
Kanalabsperrsystem - Flughafen

Sewer Sealing System KAS

Pneumatic alternative to mechanical gate valves
for extinguishing water retention
& hazardous substance retention

Absperrblasen im Kleinformat

Mini pipe plugs

Special rubber with fabric reinforcement
For pipe diameters up to 600mm

Weitere Produkte von LAMPE

Further products  


Welcome to LAMPE GmbH, your first-choice partner for innovative solutions when it comes to sewer shut-offs and leak tests. We are an owner-managed, certified company located in Stadtoldendorf in the central part of Germany. From there we supply our customers worldwide.

As inventor and manufacturer of products for sewer sealing and rehabilitation, we see ourselves as an innovative partner to our customers since 1946. We are constantly developing our product further.



Our product portfolio: Sewer sealing cushions, pipe plugs & more

A large part of our products is developed and manufactured by LAMPE GmbH in-house. Our quality management is certified under ISO 9001 and our products are characterized by a particularly long service life and the utmost reliability. For questions about our conical sealing cushions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The main areas of application for sewer sealing cushions, pipe bladders & sewage pipe plugs

Our durable, very lightweight and long-lasting pipe sealing cushions are suitable for sealing and leak detection of:

  • Sewer channels
  • Stormwater channels
  • Mixed water channels

Your full-service package with LAMPE GmbH

With us, you have only one competent business partner when it comes to sewer sealing cushions, pipe bladders and sewer shut-off systems. Everything from one supplier and Made in Germany.

  • Top consulting due to many years of experience
  • Repair service
  • Inspection of pipe bladders, sewer sealing cushions and sewer shut-off systems
  • Support for special situations when required
  • Training or instruction and legally required inspections of our products



7 reasons why LAMPE sewer sealing cushions are more economical, easier to handle and safer than conventional pipe plugs.

Compared to a conventional inflatable pipe bladder and other rubber-based sewer plugs, our innovative pipe sealing cushions offer some enormous advantages, which makes their use much more economical, easier to handle and, above all, safer:

1. The sealing cushions do not require an additional bracing.

Consequently, they do not have to be additionally protected against movement, as it is required for pipe bladders. A conventional pipe bladder must always be additionally braced in order to prevent an unintentional extension at little pressure loss.

2. Our sewer sealing cushions can be used in various pipe profiles.

If you buy a conventional pipe bladder, you can only shut off round pipes. When buying our sewer sealing cushions, you can also use them in egg, kite, mouth, box and other special profiles.

3. Our pipe sealing cushions are highly resistant to ageing (> 40 years).

Our conical pipe sealing cushions offer a much longer service than conventional rubber pipe bladders.

4. Our sealing cushions are repairable.

Conventional pipe bladders on the other hand which work by stretching like a balloon, cannot be repaired when damaged and have to be replaced instead.

5. Our sewer sealing cushions are more lightweight than regular pipe bladders.

The weight of our sewer sealing cushions is significantly lighter than that of conventional shut-off bladders.

6. All sealing cushions, due to their compact design, permit insertion even into narrow manholes and are easy to handle.

A larger pipe bladder usually does not even fit through a standard manhole and can therefore only be inserted into a wastewater or stormwater sewer with great difficulty. On the other hand, all sewer sealing cushions by LAMPE GmbH, even those with a bypass or pipe bypass, fit through a standard manhole.

7. Our sewer sealing cushions can be used in various pipe diameters.

Each individual device can be used in many different pipe diameters. A pipe bladder often has a smaller range.


In need of a sewer sealing cushion? Contact us now!

We are your innovative partner when it comes to sewer sealing cushions as an alternative to the conventional pipe plugs. Please contact us for a personal consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!