Sealing Cushions, cylindrical, Series ZD

The cylindrical Sealing Cushions of the series ZD combine a low price with the proven LAMPE quality for simple pipe shut-offs in smaller pipe diameters.

The advantages over simple pipe plugs made of rubber speak for themselves:

- Long service life            - No additional bracing required                             - Repairable                      - Easy handling

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Sealing Cushions, cylindrical, Serie ZD (Click to open!)

Art.-No. Type
76522 ZD-200, for diameter 100-200mm
76523 ZD-300, for diameter 200-300mm
76524 ZD-400, for diameter 300-400mm
76525 ZD-500, for diameter 400-500mm
76526 ZD-600, for diameter 500-600mm



Art.-No. Article
71420 Safety fitting, Economy, 1 bar
71563 Filling hose, Type Flex, PVC, blue, 1bar, 9x3mm, 5m
71565 Filling hose, Type Flex, PVC, blue, 1bar, 9x3mm, 10m


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