LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions Series 2000 – with pipe bypass

Our 2000 Series, while providing virtually all benefits associated with our double-cone LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions, also incorporates an integrated bypass pipe. This allowing water to be passed through the cushion without the need for pumps. The water flow is driven entirely by gravity – i.e. only by means of a downward slope – through the bypass pipe within the Sewer Sealing Cushions. Depending on the size, the bypass cushions are suitable for bypass pipes with a diameter of 100mm to 500mm (3.9 " to 19.7"). This pump-free water transport saves you both time and money.

If the flow needs to be temporarily shut off completely, this can be easily achieved by inserting a smaller LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushion into the bypass pipe. This closure can be quickly reopened again at any time to let water flow through the bypass pipe, i.e. to allow the flow to pass through a jobsite while keeping it safe and dry. If required, the bypass line can be extended using additional pipe segments to accommodate very long jobsites.

Advantages of LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions Series 2000 with pipe bypass:

  • No additional bracing required
  • Long service life
  • A lot of water can be automatically routed through a construction site

Examples of use:

Video use of Sewer sealing Cushions with pipe bypass:

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Bypass Sewer Sealing Cushions – Our 2000 Series

        Use in pipes    
Type designation Interior diameter of the cushion size of the pipe bypass (internal pipe) Bypass pipe outside diameter max. diameter min. diameter max. Art.-No.
30-40 120 mm 100 DN 100 mm 300 mm 400 mm 76220
50-80 285 mm 250 DN 250 mm 500 mm 800 mm 76221
80-120 420 mm 400 DN 400 mm 800 mm 1.200 mm 76222
120-170 550 mm 500 DN 530 mm 1.200 mm 1.700 mm 76223
170-220 550 mm 500 DN 530 mm 1.700 mm 2.200 mm 76225
220-260 550 mm 500 DN 530 mm 2.200 mm 2.600 mm 76224




71427 safety fitting 1 bar
71420 safety fitting Economy, simple version, for cushions up to 1-400
71425 safety fitting with pressure control
71428 test fitting 1 bar to be used with Hose #71564
71474 large-sized fitting 1" with safety valve for large devices with 1" filling hose
73521 air shut-off valve 1" for sewer sealing cushions, lockable on one side, for disconnecting the large-size fitting with hose 1", control then by using ½"-hoses


71521 filling hose ½", 2 m
71523 filling hose ½", 5 m
71525 filling hose ½", 10 m
71564 filling hose ¾", 7,5 m plug-in nipple self-closing for monitoring from the top at the duct cover, test fitting #71428 detachable
71541 filling hose 1", 10 m, for a quick filling when using the large-size fitting
71554 extension hose for primary pressure 5 m (plug-in nipple with backstroke)
71555 extension hose for primary pressure 40 m (plug-in nipple with backstroke)
71559 pneumatic hose reel, 20m

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