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Gully Sealing Plates

LAMPE Gully Sealing Plates (Watertight Covers)

Available in three different designs, utilized for covering and waterproof seal ing of storm drains (road gullies).

Zwei Gully-Dichtplatten

Sometimes road gullies (storm drains) must be temporarily closed off with a watertight cover to prevent inflow into the sewer system of hazardous liquids spilled nearby.

Inflow of polluted water into stormwater or wasterwater sewer lines can ultimately result in the pollution and contamination of rivers, lakes, etc. or even water treatment plants. This is a serious problem which requires watertight covering of all road gullies in the vicinity of the spillage.

Looking to provide a simple yet effective solution, we developed LAMPE gully sealing plates, a watertight sealing cover for gullies which is quick and simple to install. Simply lay the plate over the gully and lock it in place. Environmental protection can't get much simpler than that!

The LAMPE gully sealing plates offer the following advantages over conventional gully covers / sealing plates:

  • Installation is quick and easy, and does not require the removal of the existing drain cover. LAMPE gully sealing plates can be placed reliably even in adverse conditions: light soil, snow or ice build-up or a frozen-over grate do not significantly slow down or impair installation.
  • LAMPE gully sealing plates are very cost-efficient since they are mounted in place by mechanical means only, without need for preparation e.g. with compressed air or  CO2.
  • These highly effective, LAMPE gully sealing plates close off the gully with a watertight seal – preventing contaminant inflow.

LAMPE gully sealing plates – the reliable system, quick and easy to install.

Product portfolio

77912Gully Sealing Plate, 55x55, even, for even Gullies with bending
77913Gully Sealing Plate, 90x60, even, for even Gullies with bending
77922Gully Sealing Plate, 55x55, with bending, Gullies with bending 10-30mm, 550x550mm
71632Saddle-bag for Gully Sealing Plate, 55x55, for Art.-Nr. 77912 und 77922
71633Saddle-bag for Gully Sealing Plate, 90x60, for Art.-Nr. 77913