Company philosophy and quality promise

Inventor, Manufacturer & Supplier
for more than 70 years

Quality - Made in Germany
  • Certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Patented products
  • Personal advice
  • Own manufacturing
  • Customized solutions
  • Repair and maintenance service

For over 40 years we, have been known worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of Sewer Sealing Cushions and pipe plugs. We always feel obliged to the highest quality standards. For us, quality means that we are only satisfied if our customers are satisfied. They should derive the greatest possible benefit from our cooperation.

Our top priority is to offer our customers high-quality and, above all, safe products. We attach great importance to fast and punctual delivery of our products.

We, guarantee all customers complete and above all result-oriented and target-oriented support in all technical questions. A permanent exchange of experiences with users of our products is part of our daily routine, in order to improve our products and our technical knowledge continuously.

We guarantee a permanent and future-oriented product improvement.

We focus on clean and precise work.

We take all customer enquiries seriously and guarantee fast and prompt processing of all enquiries.

Complaints and criticisms from our customers are taken very seriously and will be processed immediately. Our visionary thinking motivates us to reach ever new milestones. Our primary goal is to be a reliable partner for our customers.

We always work clean and ecologically. The nature should be in harmony with our actions. Because: We want success, but not at any price! Teamwork and the well-being of our employees are our focus.