LAMPE sewer shut-off system KAS – "The better gate valve" for hazardous liquid control and fire-fighting water retention.

Usually, industrial companies discharge their rainwater via rainwater ducts directly into open waters , such as rivers or lakes, or their sewage via wastewater - or mixed water ducts to the sewage treatment plant. In case of accidents with chemicals or in case of fire, chemicals or extinguishing water can reach public waters or the sewage treatment plant via the duct and cause considerable environmental damage and high economic costs.

It is very difficult or even impossible to retrofit a gate valve as a preventive element in an existing sewer system or a rainwater system. Therefore we have invented an alternative solution, which can be retrofitted in existing sewer or rainwater systems without any problems.

LAMPE KAS: the pneumatic alternative to a gate valve!

One of the most important environmental protection tasks for industrial companies is solved economically and effectively by the sewer shut-off system KAS:

The isolation of wastewater and rainwater ducts in case of environmental accidents or for the retention of fire-fighting water.

The KAS basic device is a wide, full-circumference double-tube system which is mounted in a close-fit position on the inner surface of the host sewer pipe. In the event of an alarm (for example when fire-fighting water must be held back) the double-tube system is inflated to the precise dimensions required to hermetically seal off the host pipe. The shut-off device is activated either manually from an aair Station located above ground or by automatic or remote control.

Each LAMPE sewer shut-off system is custom-designed and manufactured for the specific application. Delivery, installation, assembly, commissioning and instruction are carried out by our specialists.

In this way, we guarantee the safe functionality of the system and can implement customer wishes very flexibly.

The system is activated via an above-ground air station, which is connected to the basic device in the duct:

The advantages of the KAS sewer shut-off system KAS in comparison to a gate valve are convincing.

  • Cost savings due to problem-free retrofit installation.
  • No additional earthworks required for installation.
  • Low costs for subsequent maintenance and servicing.
  • Entrained foreign materials such as stones, branches, etc. do not impair operation.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Long-term, trouble-free operation over many years' time, a significant advantage over mechanical gate valves.

In Germany, for example, regulations stipulate that when working in sewers, shafts or enclosed spaces with a depth of more than 1 m, at least one second person must always be present above ground as a security guard! In addition, when entering the sewer, suitable safety devices against falls from a height (tripod, rescue harness, etc.) must be used if you want to install a mobile solution.

In addition, the atmosphere must be measured from outside the manhole, e.g. before entering a sewer.

All these steps require a lot of time, which you do not have in an emergency. Our KAS system does not require all these steps and can be activated much faster in an emergency!

Durable and trouble-free operation, which no mechanical gate valve can otherwise guarantee.

A number of big-name manufacturers including Audi, BASF and Volkswagen have decided to go with this advanced technology and the advantages it provides over conventional gate valves in hazardous liquid containment and retention of fire-fighting water. More and more companies are deciding to go with this technology as shown by the ever-growing number of users listed in the "References" section of this website.

To get prices, other information or a quotation for our KAS sewer shut-off system, please feel free to contact us, e.g. by using the contact form provided on this website.

Utilize the benefits of our highly dependable KAS technology – for quick-response closure and hazardous liquid containment in your wastewater and stormwater outlet sewers or for retention of fire-fighting water!

The LAMPE KAS  sewer shut-off system : the better gate valve for hazardous liquid accident control and fire-fighting water retention!

Sewer shut-off system KAS / How it works

The LAMPE KAS sewer shut-off system can be installed in existing or new stormwater or mixed-water sewer pipes.

In the event of retrofit installation in existing sewer pipes, costly and time-consuming earthwork is not required since the KAS basic device can be installed in the sewer line by accessing from the nearest manhole shaft.

It is firmly mounted in a close-fit position on the inner surface of the host sewer line, reducing the pipe diameter only by approx. 7 mm (0.3 in) and therefore not restricting water flow when not inflated. Entrained foreign materials such as stones, branches, etc. do not impair operation as the KAS sealing cushion, when inflated, expands around these objects and still closes off the line very securely.

In the event of an alarm, the KAS basic device is rapidly and reliably inflated to a pressure of < 1 bar (< 14.5 psi), therefore closing off the host line. The device is actuated either manually from a pneumatics station, by remote control or automatically by means of sensors or fire detectors.

The system has no components which are fragile or subject to mechanical wear and utilizes rot-proof neoprene as the material of construction for the KAS sealing cushion. As a result, long service life is assured. Maintenance costs, on the other hand, are extremely low. Offering a unique combination of reliability, efficiency and high durability, KAS is the only system of its kind worldwide.

  • Air station
    The pneumatics station containing the pneumatic controls and the compressed air supply is housed in a steel cabinet located at ground level, approx. 3 – 4 m (11 ft) from the access manhole.

  • Filling line
    The filling line conveys compressed air from the pneumatics station to the KAS basic device installed in the sewer line.

  • KAS basic device
    The basic device of the KAS technology is a wide, full-circumference double-tube system which is inflated with defined pressure to securely seal off the host sewer pipe. It is made from a rot-proof, neoprene-coated material.

  • Animation:
    GIF Funktion eines Kanalabsperrsystems


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