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LAMPE sewer sealing cushions with double cone
The original for over 40 years!

Quality since the 70’s: Non-stretching sewer sealing cushions with double cone from LAMPE have established themselves as the safest and most economical pneumatic pipe plugs known today. Our sewer sealing cushions are 100% manufactured at our factory in northern Germany.

Unlike conventional pipe bladders, our non-stretching sewer sealing cushions with double cone offer superior performance in terms of safety and economic efficiency.

Advantages of LAMPE sewer sealing cushions at a glance

  • LAMPE sewer sealing cushions do not require additional bracing or form-fitting to secure them against movement within the pipe.
  • Unlike other pipe plug products, our solution can be used for all kinds of pipe profiles (i. e. egg-shaped profiles, mouth-shaped profiles, square profiles, kite-shaped profiles).
  • LAMPE sewer sealing cushions are highly resistant to ageing (proven service life of over 40 years).
  • Unlike conventional pipe bladders, our devices cover wide pipe diameter ranges.
  • Sewer sealing cushions with double cone from LAMPE are repairable.
  • Unlike conventional pipe plugs, our solutions are extremely lightweight and thus easy to handle.
  • Even the largest LAMPE sewer sealing cushions can fit through a small standard manhole.

The advantages of our non-stretching sewer sealing cushions are obvious:

Pipe bladders from LAMPE do not require additional bracing against movement.

As mentioned above, our sewer sealing cushion material does not stretch. Therefore, when fully expanded but not yet fully pressurized to the required working pressure of 1 bar, our devices are already blocking and sealing off the sewer line. This distinct characteristic bears the advantage that in the event of an air pressure drop (no matter how sudden) the LAMPE sewer sealing cushion does not immediately deflate or shrink, which could cause the device to “shoot” through the pipeline with potentially catastrophic results.

Instead, the gradual air loss enables LAMPE sewer sealing cushions with double cone to remain securely in their position – and without bracing. Inflatable conventional pipe plugs experiencing a slight drop in air pressure will contract immediately and lose all contact to the sewer pipe surface instantly. Then, depending on the amount of back pressure present, these “contactless” sewer pipe plugs may accelerate through the pipe rather quickly, creating a potentially dangerous working environment. Therefore, it is imperative that conventional inflatable pipe plugs have additional bracing.

Further advantages of our sewer sealing cushions compared to simple pipe plugs:

LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions can be used in various pipe diameters.

Although our Sewer Sealing Cushions do not work with material stretching, they can still be used in various pipe diameters. This works according to the principle that the Sewer Sealing Cushions are simply folded together in smaller diameters, whereby the conical shape of the Sewer Sealing Cushions plays an important role. Download our brochure here to learn more about the technology and advantages of our Sewer Sealing Cushions.

LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions made of CR provide extremely long service life.

Due to the fact that our Sewer Sealing Cushions are made of pure CR (neoprene), without any plasticicers, they are subject to practically no ageing, as they do not embrittle, like simple rubber pipe plugs or bladders. We can prove lifetimes of our Sewer Sealing Cushions of over 40 years!

Our Sewer Sealing Cushions are suited for all types of pipe cross sections.

Due to the non-stretching principle and the conical design, they can be used for any pipe cross-section. Whether oval profile, mouth profile, box profile, kite profile or special profile with dry weather drain: we have the right Sewer sealing Cushion for every pipe!

LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions are reparable.

This advantage is based on the fact that the Sewer Sealing Cushions do not work with stretching, which means that there is no danger of a repair being made. In addition, the devices are cold vulcanized, i.e. glued in a special "gluing process" in which a chemical process bonds the glued individual parts together as one part. This means that the repair process is similar to the manufacturing process of a new device. A stretchable pipe plug or bladder, on the other hand, cannot be repaired.

In addition, all LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions feature lightweight and compact design.

Even our large devices up to 2,8m can be folded so tightly that they can be introduced into the sewer system through a 600 standard manhole.

From us you buy the original and not a cheap replica.

As the Inventor and Manufacturer of conical sewer sealing cushions LAMPE provides you with:

  • Competent advice on the safe handling of our Sewer Sealing Cushions
  • Fast deliveries and fast processing times.
  • Traceable and documented quality and acceptance tests of all devices after production.
  • Comprehensive training on handling.

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Would you like to find out more about our sewer sealing cushions as an alternative conventional pipe plugs? Download the brochure here as a PDF.