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LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions: Simple, Safe, Watertight

  • Do you need sealing cushions and/or pipe plugs for use in sewer rehabilitation or  pressure testing of pipelines or sewer pipes?

  • Should the sealing cushions and/or pipe plugs also be suitable for a variety of pipe profiles and/or a wide range of pipe diameters?

  • Are you looking for a solution with maximum cost efficiency?

LAMPE sewer sealing cushions are a safe and economical alternative to conventional pipe plugs and sealing cushions. One reason for this is the fact that a single LAMPE sewer sealing cushion – thanks to its wide-ranging diameter versatility – can often be used in place of several different conventional pipe plugs. But that’s not all: LAMPE sewer sealing cushions have a host of other features and benefits:

LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions – The Better Pipe Plugs

LAMPE sewer sealing cushions provide users substantial advantages over conventional pipe plugs and sealing cushions, such as:

  • No need for additional bracing, unlike conventional pipe plugs and sealing cushions which require time-consuming and costly bracing to prevent movement due to hydrostatic line pressure. LAMPE sewer sealing cushions make full contact with the pipe wall when the inflation pressure is just 0.01 bar (0.145 psi). If the inflation pressure drops below 1 bar (14.5 psi), LAMPE sewer sealing cushions do not contract radially as is the case with conventional pipe plugs. LAMPE sewer sealing cushions remain firmly fixed in place on the pipe wall, withstanding the internal hydrostatic pressure without need for bracing. Should the inflation pressure within the sealing cushion drop to the point where it is equal to the hydrostatic counterpressure from the pipe, the cushion permits passage of a small amount of water – unlike conventional pipe plugs which, if installed without bracing, shoot out of the pipe with full force. Eliminating the need for bracing saves valuable time and money which goes back into your company's pocket.

  • A wide range of line diameters can be sealed off using only a single LAMPE sewer sealing cushion. This holds true although LAMPE cushions do not expand by material elongation (LAMPE cushions expand from a tightly folded package configuration which permits insertion through even small manholes). For example: our 1-1500 cushion size can be used to seal off lines from 500 to 1500 mm (20 – 59 ") in diameter. Users of conventional pipe plugs or sealing cushions require many more individual sizes to cover the full range of pipe diameters expected in a given application.

  • LAMPE sewer sealing cushions seal off sewer lines with optimum results regardless of  whether the pipe cross-section is circular, ovoid, mouth or kite-shaped or rectangular in shape.  LAMPE sewer sealing cushions even permit pressure testing of special pipe cross-sections with a low-flow-channel. As a result: you do not need custom-made pipe plugs or sealing cushions for such pipes, further reducing the number of sealing cushions you need to keep in stock.

  • LAMPE sewer sealing cushions – unlike conventional pipe plugs or sealing cushions – are repairable if damaged. In the event damage is encountered, you do not have to buy a new cushion. You can repair the damaged cushion instead, at a fraction of the cost.

  • LAMPE sewer sealing cushions provide a very long useful service life. Documented cases exist in which our sealing cushions continue to provide fully satisfactory service after being in field use for over 40 (!) years . Unlike conventional pipe plugs, LAMPE sewer sealing cushions do not become brittle, due primarily to their plasticizer-free formulation. They also have outstanding resistance to chemicals.

  • The extremely low weight of even the largest LAMPE sewer sealing cushions substantially facilitates handling and work procedures. Conventionally designed pipe plugs and sealing cushions are often many times heavier than LAMPE sewer sealing cushions.

  • LAMPE sewer sealing cushions can be tightly folded, i.e. collapsed to very compact size. As a result, even the largest LAMPE cushion (Size 1-2200,  fitting a diameter range of 1000 - 2200 mm) fits through any standard-sized manhole, i.e. manholes with diameters greater than approximately 600 mm (24 ").

  • LAMPE sewer sealing cushions incorporate a patented, permanently mounted seal with specially engineered design providing a 100 % air and watertight seal, as confirmed by pressure testing. Conventional pipe plugs are not suited for use with a seal of this type, since they –  unlike LAMPE sewer sealing cushions – are fixed in place by the expansion of the body material (e.g. rubber).

All of the advantages described above apply to our entire range of double-cone sealing cushions. And by the way: Should you not find what you need in our standard product portfolio, we also offer custom-made sewer sealing cushions in the same unparalleled quality you expect as a matter of course from LAMPE GmbH. For more details, please feel free to contact us by phone at +49 (0) 55 32/20 33, by Fax at +49 (0) 55 32/44 99, by e-mail at info@lampegmbh.de or using the contact form provided on this website.
Would you like to find out more about our sewer sealing cushions? Just click here to download our LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions brochure.


Example of use: Sewer Sealing Cushions with double cone

Shut off a sewage-carrying line
(Shut off a sewage-carrying line)
Pressure test with air
(Pressure test with air)
Pressure test with water
(Pressure test with water)
Shut off a pipe and pumping over water to the next manhole
(Shut off a pipe and pumping over water to the next manhole)
Manhole test with water
(Manhole test with water)

Standard product range with 1 bar working-pressure (5m waterhead back-pressure)

Field of applicationArt.-No.
Type designationØ from
Ø to
basic devicewith special sealingwith Bypasswith bypass & special sealing

For the proper operation of our sewer sealing cushions it is absolutely necessary to use our original accessories: Safety fitting 1 bar Art. 71427, filling hose e.g. 10 m Art. 71525 as well as accessory for the primary pressure (e.g. pressure reducer). The use of any other foreign filling-equipment is forbidden, because of the different working-pressures of other pipe plugs and pipe stoppers!

Sewer Sealing Cushions with 2 bar working-pressure (10m waterhead back-pressure)

Field of applicationArt.-No.
Type designationØ from mmØ to mmbasic devicewith special sealingwith bypasswith bypass & special sealing