From September, 13th until September, 17th, 2010 we exhibit our marvellous Sewer Sealing Cushions on the most important exhibition for water- and wastewater-business

At the beginning of June some very important, international Exhibitions took place, where some of our distributors also exhibit our products!

From April, 19th until April, 25th we exhibit our products on the fair Bauma 2010 in Munich. For the first time we could  present the visitors our brand new Sewer Sealing Cushions up to 400mm of the Economy-Series, the devices with the unique price/performance ratio!

Together with our Italian distributor Nuova ConTec, we let the chemical resistance of our materials test by an significant Italian institue. Now it is also confirmed from official side, that our owndeveloped CR-material is high resistant against  different kind of chemicals! High quality made in Germany, which is not comparable!